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Longtree can arrange a maintenance program for your trees to keep them a safe distance from overhead power lines. Our free evaluation involves many aspects, such as tree species, age, growth rate, and their proximity to power lines.

Tree Trimming and Line Clearance

Our tree care team are experts at handling these situations involving trees and power line safety:

Why Trimming Trees Near Power Lines is Important

When a tree’s branches are close to power lines, you risk three main issues:

When Trimming a Tree is Your Responsibility

If you have the benefit of large trees on your property, you are obligated to maintain them to prevent potential damage to power lines.
You must negotiate tree maintenance if the tree grows between your property and your neighbor’s home.

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Protect your safety and power supply by properly maintaining the trees on your property. Pruning large trees is risky, mainly when it involves proximity to power lines.
Be sure to use a professional who can do the work and help you out with an easy maintenance plan. Then, contact us to rest easy and know your trees are taken care of safely.



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