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Tree Trimming & Removal

Trimming and pruning are essential to maintain your tree’s health, promote development, and retain its natural appearance. However, do-it-yourselfers frequently trim incorrectly, which can seriously harm your prized green asset.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Pruning is essential for the health of a tree. It can increase tree strength, maintain health, and boost a tree’s appearance.

The science of tree pruning involves knowledge of its structural and growth needs. You have to be able to spot plant problems and efficiently remove or minimize imperfections without impairing the tree’s growth or inflicting permanent harm.

Risks of Tree Pruning

Using an inexperienced tree pruner can seriously harm and even cause the death of your tree. Many novice tree pruners do not know how to identify the species, stage of life, and specific pruning needs of the trees they’re working with. This can lead to disease and infestation in the pruned tree and surrounding plants.

How to identify your tree

We’re always willing to help protect trees, so please contact us before you rush into pruning your tree. If you want to know a tree type, just send us a photo or contact your local nursery.

This step is vital because some types of trees only can be pruned at certain times of the year. For instance, in Michigan, Oaks and American Elms are only pruned in the winter.

The spring and summer months give rise to fungi and insects. Oaks are at high risk of being infected with Oak Wilt and Elms with Dutch Elm Disease. That’s why correct pruning is vital to their health at the right time of year.

Why You Should Get a Monitoring Plan in Place

If you have the benefit of large trees on your property, you are obligated to maintain them to prevent potential damage.

To enjoy the beauty of your trees without the worry of negative impacts they may cause, be sure to have a monitoring plan in place.

These are some considerations for your tree safety and monitoring plan:

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