Emergency & Storm Damage Tree Removal

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Emergency & Storm Damage Tree Removal

Got an emergency with a fallen tree? If power lines are affected, drop everything and call 911 for guidance. Depending on their advice, you can proceed to inform the utility company responsible.

Contact us for immediate advice on tree assessments for your insurance company and efficient and safe tree removal.

Emergency Assistance Plan

This is what to do if you have a fallen or hazardous tree suddenly impacting your home:

Contact Your Insurance Company

If a tree has fallen without causing damage, you can proceed to contact us for immediate tree removal services.

However, give your insurance company a call if the impact has affected your property. The procedure to make a claim may involve thoroughly documenting the situation.

We can assist you in expediting an insurance claim by providing a hazardous tree evaluation. The more details you can provide to your insurance company, the more efficient the process will likely be to get your property back to normal.

Uprooted Tree

The dangers of a fallen tree can be far-reaching. Its immediate impact can cause a hazardous situation needing urgent management.

Once the area is safe and secure and you have received advice from the insurance company, you will need help to remove the tree. This may also require quick action, significantly if it impacts property access or blocks vehicles.

Removing a fallen tree is risky

Avoid attempts to move a fallen tree without the advice of a professional tree removalist. Attempting to clean up a large tree yourself can lead to severe injuries and further property damage.

Our team can immediately help with removing uprooted trees and fallen branches. Crucially, we can also carry out a professional assessment of surviving trees. We can quickly determine if any other trees or branches are risky and advise on preventative action.

Warning Signs of an Unstable Tree

It is not always clear that a tree will fall if it is a previously healthy tree impacted by severe storm conditions. But there are some warning signs to look out for:

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If you think your tree has become unstable or displays some of these issues, get in touch for a free evaluation. We can potentially help save a damaged tree and ensure your trees pose no threat from falling branches or being uprooted.



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